The Performance-Engineered Power Hand Truck

Ultra Lift supplies the power so you don't have to. One person can safely move most vending machines, even up and down stairs. Two people can move any machine. If vendors or visi-coolers are your loads, Ultra Lift is the best move you'll ever make!


Injuries can be virtually eliminated! Ultra Lift does the lifting so that operator effort required to complete a move is minimized. Heavy loads are broken back with ease. The operator stays in control by using a combination of motor power, balance and leverage in every phase of a move.


Reduce Labor Costs: Fewer people are required for any move with Ultra Lift . Manpower can be scheduled more productively and labor savings can pay for your Ultra Lift in no time!


Eliminate potential damages: Loads are broken back, set down and moved under power with maximum leverage and operator control. Gentle handling eliminates bumps, bounces and damage to the load and premises.


INCREASE PROFITS!! Increased operator safety, reduced labor cost and elimination of damage to the load and premises all contribute to significant increases in profits.